Importance of pre-workout and post-workout meals


It is always good to have an active life with some physical activity instead of having a sedentary lifestyle that invites many health issues in later life. But not many are aware of the importance of meals but just after workout schedules but also after workout. If you are a health enthusiast and are planning to join a gym then it is high time that you chalk out a pre-workout and post-workout meal plan. It is important to have a good pre-workout meal as before working out it is essential for the body to have ample energy. And after workout since the body gets drained, it needs to be restored with the essential nutrients. Skipping such meals might not help you to achieve desired results.

Pre-workout meal – Before you begin your workout, you need to know that the body needs plenty of nutrients to endure the physical activity without any injury or damage. You can include complex carbohydrates with medium amount of protein and low amounts of fats. The glucose from the fats, work as fuel while the proteins help to improve performance and prevents muscle breakdown and promotes muscle growth. Carbohydrates also work as fuel in the high intensity exercise while fats become fuel for a longer and moderate to low intensity workout regimen. Make sure that you have a meal that contains carbohydrates, protein as well as fat 45 to 60 minutes before your exercise. Your meal can include Dry fruits or smoothie, chickpea salad, yoghurt and fruits and even oatmeal or muesli with milk.

Post workout meal – Now that your body has workout hard, the glycogen levels of the body have to be restored. For this you need to have a carbohydrate rich diet. One has to also eat protein rich foods as amino acids in the foods help the rebuild muscle tissues and recover the body as well.

You can have scrambled egg whites with wheat bread, cottage cheese salad, peanut butter toast, whey protein shake and green gram crepes with cottage cheese stuffing. Apart from having a nutritious meal, one should drink plenty of water before and after workout as such activities makes the body lose a lot of fluids.

Photo Credits: Pixabay