Apple and Google to launch 20 new emojis


Social media is used by not just the young crowd, but is also used by the people who are young at heart, that include parents and grandparents. Instant messaging app like WhatsApp has become like one of the basic necessities and the craze has gone to such a level that even grandparents are addicted to messaging apps and social media. Social media is surely addictive and the one feature that makes everything so expressive, are the emoticons also known as emojis.

Not many are aware that July 17, 2019 is the World Emoji Day, but why it is celebrated is not known by anyone. But to make this day even more special, Google and Apple have confirmed that they will be launching 20 new emojis. There will be a total of 59 emojis which will soon be launched. 20 of them will soon be live.

The iPhone maker has confirmed that they will be launching the new 20 emojis this fall which means that it will come along with the OS 13 update. Apple has also said that the update will be available on Mac and Apple Watch. The exciting part is that the new emojis will be more real and detailed. One of the new emojis will be of the yawning face, which is surprising to why it was not there yet. This particular emoticon is expected to be a success with the text messages. The rest of them will symbolize a welcoming development that can be seen in the society.

Apple has come up with emoticons with different colors and races. The new emojis are also expected to set an example as they promote diversity. The users will be able to see details like hearing aid, or someone using a case as they have sight issues. The emoticons are available in 12 versions, 12 gender and color variations and 6 tone variations. With the new updates, the users are surely going to have a great time chatting with new emojis.

Photo Credits: Pixabay