2019 Fashion trends which are no more a trend now

fashion trends

Polka dots, tuxedo style clothing, unique prints and more, 2019 so far has been interesting in terms of fashion sense. Some of the bold styles made news, while others are quickly going out of style. For Instance tiny sunglasses became popular among the celebrities and were worn by Slick woods and Kylie Jenner. It is just half way through the year but the trend has already faded out. Here are a few fashion trends which became popular in the beginning but have now started fading out.

1. Zebra prints – Zebra-style clothing became a trend starting in 2019 and was worn by celebrities like Bella Hadid, Bailee Madison and Kendall Jenner. The trend was also popular during the 90s but it soon vanished.

2. Cow-print clothing – Cow-print clothing and accessories started off with a bustle in 2019 and was worn by the celebrities like Meghan Markle, Dua Lipa and Kylie Jenner. Markle was seen wearing a pair of cow-inspired heels as they visited a non-profit organization known as Smart Works in January. But as the winter passed, the cow-print trend faded off. There are a few brands like Zara and Forever 21 that still sell clothing and shoes with the print.

3. Monochrome looks – Some of the celebrities tried to bring in the monochrome look trend in neutral colors. The look comprised of an outfit that had layers of similar clothing. But as the summer came in, neon shades became trendier and the monochrome look failed to pick up.

4. Harnesses – The trend of harnesses was rather short as it was seen only during the awards season. Actor Timothee Chalamet was seen wearing a sparkling Louis Vuitton harness to the Golden Globes in January, 2019 and many others were seen following the suit. After the awards season was off, the harness trend was switched off as well.

5. Dirty sneakers trend – Gucci had become popular when it offered a pair of scuffed sneakers on its website for $870. Even Maison Margiela sold a pair of shoes for $1,751 that appeared to be covered with clear glue and duct tape. But that trend also did not last long.

Photo Credits: Pixabay