High Blood pressure symptoms that need to be addressed

high blood pressure

The condition of high blood pressure often goes unnoticed and can be only diagnosed when there are sudden or severe symptoms. Health experts have also called High Blood pressure as a silent killer as the condition rarely shows any symptoms until it is serious. Sustained blood pressure can be dangerous and can also be fatal. A few times some noticeable symptoms do appear but no one seems to be observant.

There are a few symptoms that you need to observe and if you get a combination of such symptoms frequently, then you might need to visit your physician. They might indicate high blood pressure or something else that needs attention of the doctor. Some eye problems and nausea are particularly signs of very high blood pressure or increased pressure put on the brain. Charity Blood Pressure UK has said that it is a common practice for a doctor to conduct an eye test on someone who has been diagnosed with high blood pressure. It is a simple test that takes a look at the small blood vessels at the back of the eyes.

The ophthalmologist checks for any damage that is done by high blood pressure. A look at the back of the eyes helps to reveal if the small blood vessels which are also known as capillaries have thickened, narrowed or burst. Moreover, this is the only place where the small blood vessels can be seen and often any problems here are repeated in the small blood vessels that cannot be seen, like as in the kidneys. The NHS has warned that if the symptoms are not given attention then persistent high blood pressure can lead to some serious problems including heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, kidney disease, vascular dementia and more such related conditions.

Regular physical activity is one of the easiest ways to bring back high blood pressure back to normal or under control. This also helps people to maintain a healthy weight.

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