Ways to exfoliate different parts of your body


The skin needs regular exfoliation as it helps to wash out the dead skin cells and rejuvenates while giving a new life. Many people concentrate on just the face and forget about the rest of the body. Here are different parts of the body that also need exfoliation and here is how it can be done.

1. Lips – The skin on the lips is very sensitive and to exfoliate your lips you need to add some sugar to your lip balm and scrub it gently on the lips. Repeat this method twice a week for smooth and supple lips.

2. Scalp – Yes, even the scalp need an exfoliation once in a while. The only way to exfoliate the scalp is to scratch it while you are shampooing. This method will increase the blood flow and increase stimulation in the hair follicles. It also help in reducing the hair fall.

3. Hands and legs – A pumice stone and a loofah can be used every two days while having bath. The entire body can be rubbed with a pumice stone. It is essential to concentrate on the underarms, behind the knees, elbows and the feet. Regular usage can help to get rid of dark spots and skin pigmentation and will also make the skin smooth.

4. Neck and shoulders – Everyday work and busy schedule can accumulate dirt on your neck as well as behind the ears. You can use a loofah to rub the back of the neck and the shoulders. This also helps in removal of tan in the area.

5. Back – Back is a portion where our hands so not reach so the dead skin cells accumulate. So the only way is to use a back scrubber or you can go to the spa to get the portion rubbed. Or optionally you can also ask someone to rub you back portion with a good quality scrub.

Photo Credits: Pixabay