4 Easy ways to keep your feet clean and polished during monsoon


Monsoon season is surely a messy season and is surely not a good season for the feet. While there are a number of remedies in line to take care of the skin and hair during the season, but feet is often neglected. While it is impossible to stay inside the house and moving around in the rain can be a messy affair for the feet. Making frequent visits to the salon can be expensive, but a few home remedies can help to pamper your feet.

1. Maintain proper hygiene – As far as possible keep your feet clean. It is important to regularly cuts the brittle nails and keep them clean as well. Applying darker nail color for a longer period of time can make it look yellow. Not many are aware that it is also important to exfoliate the nails to keep them healthy.

2. Clean the nail beds – Nails have to be clean and shiny. It is always wise to clean the nails while having bath or after soaking your feet in warm water. Doing this remedy will keep the nails healthy and soft and it will also allow you to keep them clean properly. You can also file your nails to make them look prim and proper during monsoon.

3. Soak feet in luke warm water – This is a well known and one of the easiest remedies. If you feel that your feet is too worn out or too tired, then you can soak your feet in a water tub with luke warm water , Epsom salt or some coconut oil. Keep your feet dipped for about 20 to 30 minutes and feel your body extremely relaxed. Later clean your feet with a pumice stone which will help to get rid of the dead skin.

4. Moisturize the nails – It is not just the skin that needs proper moisturization, but even the nails need proper moisturization. You can use cuticle oil or coconut oil to apply all over the nails.

Our feet are a very important part of the outside appearance and following the above steps are good steps towards personal hygiene.

Photo Credits: Pixabay