4 signs you must hire a personal injury lawyer

personal injury lawyer

People who have suffered from an injury, often wonder if they should hire a personal injury lawyer. Not many are aware that finding a personal injury lawyer can be tricky as filing a personal injury lawsuit requires proper training and specialized skills. It also requires a proper knowledge of the legal system. The bottom line is, never file a personal injury lawsuit without a lawyer. Here are a few signs that you should hire a personal injury attorney.

1. If you have suffered severe injuries – The amount of compensation that you will receive will totally depend on how severe the injuries are. The severity of the injuries are measured by the insurance companies by the type of the injuries sustained and the medical bills that have incurred and also includes the length of time taken to recover.

2. If you have suffered a long-term or permanent disability – It is essential to hire a personal injury lawyer if you have sustained injuries that will require long term care or has left you with permanent disabilities. It is also tough to determine how your injuries are going to impact on the earning capacity over time and it generally requires expert assistance.

3. If there are more than one parties involved or the liability is not clear – Sometimes the accident involves many other parties who can be liable for the injuries. This is the time when you need to hire a lawyer. Under such circumstances, the insurance companies can become confused as many other people may have been injured and not much settlement money can go around.

4. If the insurance company refuses to pay – There are also times when the insurance companies refuse to make a fair settlement or refuse to make any settlement at all. Under such circumstances, hiring a personal injury lawyer is necessary for a fair settlement. Many times the insurance companies also engages in bad faith insurance tactics.

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