Good sleep helps to cut craving for sweet or salty food


For many years, health experts have been talking about the health benefits of a good sleep. A new study has said that a good night’s sleep helps in reducing the desire for sweet and salty foods along with sugar and caloric content. It has already been explained that sleeping for less than seven hours is associated with increased risk of cardio metabolic risk, heart disease risk and metabolic disorders. However, increasing the sleep duration can help to reduce such health risks.

Author Rob Henst, associate professor at the University of Cape Town in South Africa gave the details about the study, which was published in the Journal of Sleep Research. The researchers had found that sleep extension was associated with improved measures of insulin sensitivity and reductions in overall appetite, intake of daily free sugar, desire for sweet and salty food and percentage of daily caloric intake from protein.

Dale Rae from the varsity said, “It is now apparent that poor sleep quality may be an equally important risk factor for cardio-metabolic diseases”. Researchers for the study went through a data of 138 people who were either healthy, overweight short-sleeping, healthy short-sleeping, or pre or hypertensive short sleeping individuals.

Having a good sleep is even otherwise necessary for maintaining a good body metabolism.

Photo Credits: Pixabay