Tips for buying the right bath towel

buy towels Flooded with options, but not sure which is the right bath towel for you? We’ve all been in that situation and end up buying either the best looking, softest or cheapest one, but is that the right one?

How delightful does it feel when you wrap up yourself in a fluffy, soft, and absorbent bath towel. All bath towels are not made the same way, hence it is vital that you have a keen eye when selecting a bath towel that will suit you best. Below is a simple guide to purchasing top quality towels that will last longer and look good in your bathroom.

towels-updatedtrends(1)What to consider when purchasing a top quality towel.

Even when a bath towel at the store seems to be super soft, it may go flat after two or three washes. With a trained eye, you can be able to pick a quality towel that will last for years. How? Read on:

Softness: Feel the towel. Is it soft enough? If the towel has a velvet, soft feel with a bit of weight, it is of good quality. If the bath towel feels like canvas or scratch, it is possibly of a lower quality and rough towels are not good for your delicate skin.

Fiber content in the towel: Cotton bath towels tend to be an excellent choice for bodies. If it’s mixed with polyester fibers, it may not absorb 100% of the water. There are a variety of companies offering towels made of organic cotton.

Size: You should pick the size of your towel in relation to your waist size. If you end up buying a small towel, don’t be surprised that you aren’t able to wrap yourself up after a shower.

Water absorbency: Quality bath towels should immediately soak up water from your body as soon as you wipe it through your body. If it’s spreading the water on your body, it’s not going to serve it’s purpose.

Towel weight: The weight of towels is often measured in grams per square meter or GSM. This refers to the density of your towel. A quality bath towel should have a range of 400-600 GSM. The heavier the towel, the more durable and absorbent it is.

Drying time: A quality bath towel often takes minimum time to dry. When using a dryer it will reduce your energy costs. This is an important point to take note of in the long run.


Pamper your towels.

A quality towel should last you 4-5 years depending on how well you take care of it. Washing it before its first use tends to reduce lint, improves absorbance and sets the color. Try to wash your dark and light colored towels separately and often avoid using fabric softeners that may make your bath towels less absorbent.

When washing add a cup of distilled vinegar to improve absorbance, combat the musty smells, and to remove residue that may have accumulated over time. It is also a nice idea to keep peroxide or bleach away from your dark bath towels.

Where to buy?

Good quality towels do not have to be expensive. Specialty stalls may retail towels upwards of $30, but you can get excellent bath towels at low prices. You can purchase good quality bath towels from your local supermarket for as low as $16.50. A complete set can retail for $24.50-$33.95: or less.

Photos: Pixabay