5 physical harmful effects of depression

Depression can affect the body in a negative way physically


Depression is surely a mental condition, but it has all the abilities to affect the body physically in a bad way. It not just causes mental agony but also causes physical issues. Many times it becomes tough to diagnose the condition as people do not even know that their physical health is deteriorating due to depression. Here are a few physical and harmful effects the body can suffer in case of depression.

1.Pain – People who are suffering from such a mental condition can suffer from pain in the joints, back or limbs. Majority of the depression patients complain about some vague aches. The condition affects a number of brain chemicals that are associated with health and happiness. When the body lacks the ‘feel good chemicals’, it can experience physical effects ranging from headaches to joint and muscle pain.

2.Gastrointestinal problems – Diarrhea or constipation are also symptoms of depression and can also lead to an upset stomach. Such symptoms occur due to serotonin, that plays a role in mood regulation. It affects the gut as most of the body’s serotonin is stored and produced in the gut.

3. Fatigue – The mental condition also causes fatigue and many people suffering have a tough time getting out of the bed and do simple activities like bathing. No matter how much they sleep they just cannot get enough rest.

4. Heart problems – A lifestyle of a person changes when they suffer from depression and this can lead to an increase in heart disease when they eat poor diet and adapt an unhealthy lifestyle. Research has mentioned that most of the people with a heart failure had depression.

5. Weight loss or gain – The mental condition can lead to either increase in weight or a decrease in weight as it causes extreme appetite changes. The unintended weight changes can cause various health issues like diabetes and even heart diseases.

Depression is a condition that can be treated and family support and help makes it easy for the person to recover.

Photo Credits: Pixabay