Brazilian model dies after collapsing on runway at Sao Paulo Fashion Week

Organizers of Sao Paulo Fashion Week have not revealed actual cause of death of the Brazilian model

Brazilian model

A tragic incident happened on the last day of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, when a Brazilian model passed away after collapsing on the runway during a show on April 27, 2019. An official statement was given out by the organizers about the incident without giving the actual cause of death.

The official statement read, “SPFW has just received the news of the death of model Tales Soares, who suddenly took ill during the Ocksa show”. The 26 year old model was walking on the ramp as he fell. As soon as he fell, the medical team immediately rushed to attend him on front of the onlookers, who looked horrified and tried to save his life. The organizers further informed that the model was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The officials from the fashion week said, “We offer our sincere condolences to Tales’ family”.

The label Ocksa said on Instagram that the entire team was shocked on the death of Soares who was signed to Base MGT modeling agency. Reports say that the audience thought that the collapse of Soares was a part of the show until the emergency workers rushed on the stage as he began foaming at the mouth.

The medical team was unable to revive him and he was later pronounced dead at a hospital in Sao Paulo. The modeling agency, clarified that drugs did not play any role in the demise of the 26 year old. According to reports, that Tales never presented or complained about health issues and had a healthy diet and was a vegetarian. He did not use illegal substances and was in full condition to participate in the parade. One of the reports claimed that since vegetarian food was not available at Saturday night’s event, so Soares had therefore not eaten for a long time. But the organizers of the fashion event deny this report and said that catering was available throughout the evening.

Photo Credits: Facebook