How to handle clutter causing stress

Clutter at home can lead to mental as well as physical stress but there are ways to deal it with ease


It is a common scenario when you return home after a hard day’s work and all you get to see is your house in a mess. You wanted to relax or may be have a warm shower and sit down with your favourite series on Netflix with a bowl of ice-cream. But instead you look around and feel frustrated while looking at the mess and wonder if you had a magic wand and clear the whole place with a spell. This indicates that apart from being unhygienic and visually unappealing, the main problem with clutter and mess is that they stress you out.

Even the psychologists have found that untidy living or working environment leaves us feeling anxious, overwhelmed and stressed. This is also the reason it is so easy to dip in to depression when you are in a messy environment. You end up feeling helpless, low on energy and powerless to do anything about the horrible state that your surroundings are in. Clutter takes our attention away from the things that really deserve it. It tells the brain that our work will never be finished and that there is always going to be more to do.

It makes us hard to relax both mentally and physically. It also makes the person feel guilty and hampers the productivity and it also frustrates us because we can never find the things that we need. However, there is indeed a solution which is actually pretty simple. You just need to clear up the mess to allow your mind to have the space it needs to rest and recharge. Do not rush in to things but you can make it a little simple, like you can begin by putting on some upbeat music and this will help you energize and motivate.

Once you have started, do not stop until you have finished. Stopping half the way will make it harder to resume and keep going. After you have finished you can reward yourself with a nice spa session or a big bowl of ice-cream.

Photo Credits: Pixabay