4 Tips to reduce weight without exercising

Reducing weight is possible but for that you need to keep in mind a few things


There are a few people who want to lose weight but are not in a mood to exercise. The question remains if it is possible to reduce weight without exercising. Weight loss takes place when you lose calories but this might not suit everyone. If you are not exercising, it is essential that you take care of your diet. It is essential that the calories are somehow burnt. Here are a few tips that can help you to lose weight without the need of exercise.

1. Make change in your diet – When the body is not exercising, it is important that the extra calories are burnt somehow. You need to burn 500-700 calories in a day to lose about one to two pounds per week. So you need to figure out how many calories you eat per day and reduce your intake accordingly. You can track your calorie intake with the help of a calorie calculator app. Eat more fibre and proteins and cut on carbohydrates and fats and especially processed food.

2. Avoid stress and have ample sleep – Stress is also a factor that leads to weight gain. The stress hormone, cortisol is the one that gets activated when you stress and increases hunger and cravings. Inadequate sleep can also disturb your appetite so it is important to get ample sleep and avoiding stress.

3. Drink plenty of water – Drinking water helps to keep the stomach full and also cleanses your body and reduces calorie intake. To make things more interesting you can add flavor to the water by adding fruits. Drink water before every meal as it will help you to eat less.

4. Eat Slowly – Researchers have said that gulping the food prevents the intestine from releasing hormones and chemicals that digest the food that you eat. So it is important to eat your food slowly and chew the food properly.

Photo Credits: Pixabay