Meghan Markle will have to follow 6 royal birthing rules

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have to follow these 6 royal birthing rules

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are all set to welcome their first child together. While the due date for Meghan is inching closer, preparations are underway. Being a part of the royal family Meghan will have to adhere to some very traditional birthing rules that sister-in-law Kate Middleton had to do when she welcomed her three children. Here are a few rules that Meghan will have to follow for the royal birth.

1. The Queen will be informed first – The Queen will be the first person to know that the royal baby has arrived. Prince William had called his grandmother on a specially encrypted phone to tell her the happy news when Prince George was born.

2. Official statement from Palace – The official websites like the will put up official statements and will also be sent out to the media outlets shortly after the birth. The royal family will also use the official Kensington palace Twitter to announce the arrival.

3. Official notice to be placed on easel – The confirmation of the birth will be placed on an easel in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace and the notice will have the Buckingham letterhead and will be signed by Meghan’s doctors.

4. Name will be announced only few days after giving birth – The name of the newly born will be announced only after a few days after giving birth.

5. The baby will have three to four names – Meghan Markle and Harry’s baby will have three to four names for instance, Prince Charlotte’s middle names are Diana and Elizabeth. The Queen has to approve the names of the royal babies.

6. Gun salute – The arrival of the royal baby is normally marked with a gun salute by the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery. The gun salute has 21 rounds but if it is conducted in the royal park, an extra 20 rounds are fired.

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