Airlines in Midwest working to protect workers from extreme temperatures

Midwest Airlines are taking various measures to protect their workers from extreme temperatures

extreme temperatures

The polar vertex’s extreme temperatures have gripped the US and have led to cancellation or delay of flights. People might be concerned about showing up at the airport to know that their flights have been cancelled or delayed but there are also folks who turn up every day in such freezing temperatures to make sure that the air travel runs smoothly as possible. Moreover, they not always get the comfort of four walls and heat.

Cancellations are just one of the measures the airline take to protect their workers from extreme cold that has been sweeping across the United States. The airports in Chicago have been struggling to keep up with the freezing temperatures. The inability to provide safe and working environment would mean the flights are being cancelled so that the workers remain healthy. While 20 percent of the flights are still taking off in the freezing temperature, the airlines are working hard to make sure the workers who are braving the weather are equipped with tools they need to stay warm.

The Southwest Airlines is focusing on providing insulated clothing and is bring out the industrial grade gloves, coats, and face masks for the workers to wear. At the O’Hare, American Airlines is setting up a mobile command centre which is a van that cruises around to deliver hand warmers, extra gloves and hot drinks to the baggage handlers. The workers can also hop in to the van for a few minutes to warm up to protect themselves from extreme temperatures.

Moreover, hot chili is offered at the airport lounge and encouraging the employees to take part whenever they need. Instead of the traditional shuttle buses, the airport picks up employees from the parking lot in smaller and adequately heated vans. On the other hand the United Airlines is calling workers from other cities so they can rotate out local workers to ensure everyone spends minimal time outdoors.

Photo Credits: Pixabay