Hot water bath can be equal to 30 minutes of walking

Taking a hot water bath can burn equal calories that are burnt in 30 minutes of walking

hot water bath

Weight loss is the trend in recent times when fad diets and different workout regimes that help to fulfill the missions. Working out is an important factor in losing weight but this does not happen overnight and requires a lot of effort and exercise that caters to the needs. But a new study has said that you really need not to depend on just a gym session to burn calories but just taking a hot water bath can also do the job well.

Dr. Faulkner from a London based university conducted the study and it was observed thatyou can actually burn the same amount of calories which is equal to a 30 minute rigorous walk or a jog session. As per the experiment, 14 men were asked to perform in two tests – spend one hour bicycling or run the treadmill and then spend one hour in the hot tub. The above activities might sound very relaxing but the main goal behind it was to see how many calories were the men able to burn through both the activities.

The focus behind this experiment was to raise the body temperature by just a degree. It was found that the actual workout burnt more calories and it was observed that spending the required time in hot water burned around 130 calories which is equal to a 30 minute walk session. The results are strange but the reason behind this is that hot water bath helps in burning fat. It not just gets rid of the fat or the weight but what the hot water does that it speeds up the process and reduces inflammation in the body which is the core to weight loss.

When the body has higher than regular temperature it burns more calories. In order to deal with the produced heat, the body works harder to maintain internal temperature levels and burns more calories.

Photo Credits: Pixabay