5 Easy ways to fix a bad relationships

Relationships can be saved by contributing your best


Relationships are like weak thread which can easily break if not nurtured properly. No one likes to be in a bad relationship and especially when it is not leading to anywhere and when it drains you emotionally as well as physically. Another thing to keep in mind is that a relationship cannot be fixed over night. Here are a few ways that can help you to revive a bad relationship.

1. Sit down and figure out – The first step is to sit down and find out what is going wrong in your relationship. You need to keep aside your ego and start blaming inside your mind and see what is going wrong. This might also result in anxiety or anger but it will surely help to let to know what exactly is wrong.

2. Take up and accept responsibility – Just like healthy relationships, bad relationships are also born, fed and are nurtured in to becoming what they are. It is essential that your partner and you figure out to what you have contributed to the problem and most importantly accepting the responsibility of your actions.

3. Go for counseling – There is nothing wrong in seeking help if the two of you think that it is necessary. Couple counseling has become a common thing and there are many of themk who seek help. Many times, things workout with the involvement of the third person and might help you to understand your partner better.

4. Make new rules – It is good to leave behind the past and actions begin with new rules. You can set rules like ‘you will never speak about the past’ or ‘no more blame games. Following such rules strictly can help to maintain a healthy relationship.

5. Plan trips regularly – A change in the scenario is very essential in order to maintain a healthy relationship. Plan an outing during the weekend with friends or for just the two of you.

Photo Credits: Pixabay