Karl Lagerfeld absence from Chanel’s Couture show raises eye brows

Karl Lagerfeld and his absence from Chanel’s Couture show raised many questions about the future of the brand

karl lagerfeld

French luxury fashion house Chanel presented Karl Lagerfeld and his vision of the Mediterranean, palm tree lined garden with a Tuscan style villa delicate cocktail style dresses on January 22, 2019. However one of the very important detail was missing as Lagerfeld did not come out for his customary walk to close the show.

Chanel had released a statement which was first read at the show in French and then in English which said, “For the traditional greeting at the end of the show, Mr. Lagerfeld, artistic director of Chanel, who was feeling tired, asked Virginie Viard, director of creative studio of the house, to represent him and greet the guests alongside the bride.” The statement further continued, “Virginie Viard as the creative studio director and Eric Pfunder as Chanel’s director of image continue to work with him and follow through with the brand’s collections and image campaigns.”

Earlier the brand had said that Lagerfield would make an appearance during the second show on January 22, 2019 but he did not show up and the announcer without providing any further details said, “We wish Mr. Lagerfeld to recover quickly”. The designer had taken over the French Fashion house in the year 1983 with Viard coming on board just a few years after Lagerfield in 1987 . She had joined Lagerfeld in a post runway bow after the Metier’s d’Art show held in New York in December 2018 and since then it is often rumoured to be his successor when time comes. So there might be chances of the recent progresses would be a signal of a new era.

In June 2019, Chanel had released its yearly earnings for the first time in history of 108 years. The chief financial officer of Chanel, Philippe Blondiaux in a phone interview had said that they are very proud of who they are at Chanel and how much they have achieved while always retaining a core vision and a creative heritage.

Photo Credits: Facebook