You can go slow carb than no carb at all

People can opt for slow carb diet than a diet that does not have any carbs


It has become a trend to go on a low-carb diet or even a no-carb diet. This can surely help in quick weight loss. It can be done for a temporary basis, but ditching carbs completely over the long run can be tough. For the beginning it can be like swimming up-stream. In the US the average adults get about 50 percent of their everyday calories from carbohydrates.

The fact is that if you are cutting completely from carbohydrates, that will mean that you will have to give up on fruits, whole grains, vegetables which are the building blocks of a healthy diet. Dr. David Ludwig, the professor of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health and the co-editor of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Centre Boston Children’s Hospital said, “We’ve known for decades that different foods affect the body differently”.

While shopping on the bread side, you can pick up the white bread or the whole grain bread and they have near about the same number of calories but the whole grains have a lot more going for it. Ludwig has further explained, “When you eat a whole-kernel, minimally processed grain … they take a while to digest. Blood sugar rises relatively more gently. You produce less insulin calorie for calorie”. So the whole grains can be called as slow carbs because of its slow digestion and the other slow carbs include vegetables, fruits, beans and grains.

It is the visualizing game that works as when you eat whole grain bread, you are getting everything that comes in the wheat kernel and includes fibre-rich bran. It also includes the germ which is the embryo of the seed and contains everything that is needed to nurture a new life. But with white bread all the good stuff has been stripped off out during processing. So all that is left is starch, which is one step away from turning to sugar in the body.

Photo Credits:Pixabay