Dietary tips to manage diabetes in kids

It can be a challenge for parents whose kids suffer from type 1 diabetes


Type 1 diabetes is a common condition among the kids and the teenagers. Under this condition the pancreas are not able to produce insulin which is a hormone that helps glucose or sugar get in to the cells to get energy. In the absence of insulin, too much of sugar can enter the blood. Here are a few tips that can help manage the blood sugar levels in children.

1. Treat them once in a while – A huge change has to be brought in children who have type 1 diabetes. In order to avoid the kids with diabetes to feel depressed about their diet treat them with ice-creams or sweets once in a while and you can control other dietary aspects.

2. Proper diet – Children who suffer from type 1 diabetes must take proper meals at regular intervals.

3. Set an example for your kids – Children after-all learn from their parents and what they see. As parents take the initiative and give up unhealthy food and show them that they it is healthy to have healthy food.

4. Keep processed food at bay – Processed foods are high on carbohydrates and sugar. Both the ingredients can shoot up blood sugar levels and can cause further complications in the body.

5. Limit consumption of aerated drinks – These beverages do not have any nutrition and can lead to further complications in the body. Try to limit the consumption of such beverages.

6. Limit consumption of carbohydrates – include complex carbs like vegetables and grains.

7. Include kid-friendly choices – Include some of the foods which can be liked by children including hard boiled eggs, low-fat cheese, small serving of nuts or a sugar free snack.

8. Include more fibre and protein – You can do more experiments in terms of making interesting and delicious delicacies that they can enjoy. Children love to eat what is pleasant to their eyes.

Photo Credits: Pixabay