6 Natural ways to reverse type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed by adopting a few healthy habits


It is not possible to reverse type 1 diabetes but health experts have said that it is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes by adopting healthier habits. Reversing diabetes means to get to a point where the body resumes to normal and healthy metabolism of sugar. Here are a few healthy ways that can be adopted to get back to the normal levels of sugar and reverse type 2 diabetes.

1. Begin as soon as possible – While it is not possible to make the changes all at once but you can bring a significant change by starting immediately. Some of the experts have said that the remission can be achieved if the patients can normalize their blood sugar levels without any medication in the first three to five years after diagnosis.

2. Lose weight – Losing weight is the primary factor in reversing type 2 diabetes as excess fat plays an important role in affecting the insulin production and use. A study has mentioned that a patient needs to lose 33 pounds for diabetes remission, but make sure that you do not over do it.

3. Build some muscle – Losing weight is good but for effective management of diabetes , strength training is also essential. It helps in natural restoration of muscle’s insulin sensitivity. If you have less body fat and more muscle, then you will need less insulin. This is because when you increase muscle mass, you burn more calories.

4. Change your diet –Diet plays an important role in reversing the diabetes. Adopt healthy diet habits by adopting whole grains and sprouts in diet. You can also include food that are rich in fibre and containing nutrients that help to maintain balanced blood sugar and reduces inflammation.

5. Manage stress and sleep levels – It is also important to manage your stress levels while you are diabetic. Adequate sleep is also important. Increased stress levels can only make things worse.

Photo Credits: Pixabay