5 Unknown beauty benefits of rice bran oil

Rice bran oil is stuffed with minerals and vitamins and has some amazing beauty benefits

rice bran oil

Rice Bran oil is not just great for cooking but is also a great product to be used for skin care. The oil is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Rice Bran oil is made from the outer layer of rice grain which is known as the Chaff. Here are a list of benefits that rice bran oil has to offer.

1. Protects skin from UV rays – The harmful UV Rays of the sun are not good for the skin at all. To prevent the damage, rice bran oil can be used. You just need to take two drops of rice bran oil and massage gently on the face until it is fully absorbed. The oil not just protects the skin from sun but also protects from pollution.

2. Good for hair nourishment – The oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that nourishes the hair. Frizzy hair can be easily treated with this oil. To get the best results massage the hair with the oil before washing your hair. It also helps to keep the hair follicles healthy.

3. Make-up remover – The oil is filled with natural antioxidants and can help to get rid of excessive make-up. It not just gently removes make-up but also makes the skin supple and soft. Rice bran oil is also a good source of vitamin E that can penetrate deep in to the skin layers.

4. Prevents early hair greying – The oil is rich in antioxidants and which is not just provides skin nourishments but also keeps the skin younger. It also prevents early hair graying. Warm the oil and massage it on the hair and scalp twice a week. You can two to three drops of the oil to the shampoo as well.

5. Prevents dark circles – Rice bran oil enhances blood circulation around the eye area and prevents puffy eyes and dark circles.

Photo Credits: Pixabay