4 Spices not to be consumed with a sore throat

There are certain spices that must not be consumed while having a sore throat

sore throat

The winter is here and it is a season when flu and sore throat becomes a common health problem. Sore throat is a condition that lasts for two to three days and is treatable with the help of simple home remedies and medications. However, there are certain spices which if consumed with a sore throat can worsen the condition. Here are the spices which should not be consumed in case of a sore throat.

1. Dry pomegranate seed powder – They are made by dried pomegranate and have a tangy taste to it and is used in a number of Indian dishes. The spice is also available in spiced candies but can worsen the condition of the throat when consumed during winter. Make sure that you avoid this tangy spice with a sore throat.

2. Dry mango powder – Dry mango powder is also used in various dishes to add the tanginess. The spice must be avoided in case of a sore throat. Dry mango powder is made with sun dried raw mangoes and is processed in to powder form. Consumption of dry mango is surely not recommended with a sore throat.

3. Tamarind powder – Tamarind powder is used in a number of Asian cuisines to add to the taste. The spice is known for its tangy flavor and is surely not good for consumption with a bad throat.

4. Chaat Masala – Chaat masala is a spice mix which is commonly used in fruit chaats and is added to a number of dishes in the Asian countries. Since it also contains dry mango, it is not recommended to consume the spice while having a bad throat.

While having a bad throat it is recommended to have a nice cup of hot soup, ginger tea, cup of hot coffee and herbal teas that help to soothe the throat under such a condition. However, cream based soups must be avoided as it can further irritate the sore throat.

Photo Credits: Pixabay