5 Easy ways to handle food for people with diabetes

People with diabetes need to have a strict watch on their diet while on a holiday


People who have diabetes, often face a challenge to manage their food intake while on a holiday. It is during the holiday season when you are surrounded by all the sinful delights like cookies, pies, cakes and other indulgent recipes. Under such circumstances, it becomes even more tough to manage the blood sugar levels. However, if you incorporate a few strategies then it is possible to keep the blood sugar levels under control.

1. Plan before hand – Before to take off, prepare a game plan on what you are going to eat. For instance, you can skip some of the foods that you can get anytime including cheese and crackers. You can select small portions of foods that are a real treat. You can opt for veggies which can help to fill your stomach.

2. Maintain a healthy immune system – You need to have plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep a healthy immune system. Your body also needs to stay hydrated and must get adequate sleep. You cannot afford to get sick during holidays and it can be even more troublesome when you are managing diabetes.

3. Check blood sugar levels frequently – People who have diabetes, need to keep their blood sugar levels in check and also need to learn how to self-check blood sugar. It is recommended to check blood sugar levels 2 to 3 hours after a meal. Constant elevated blood sugar levels for such a long time can tend to suppress the immune system of the body.

4. Cut on Sweets – It is even more essential to cut on sweets while on a holiday as you do not want to get your body in trouble with high blood sugar levels. You can opt for a healthier option like fruits. Research has said that fruits are healthy for people with diabetes and also provides with fiber and lots of minerals and vitamins.

5. Go moderate on alcohol – Alcohol drops the production of glucose, so it is not recommended to drink on empty stomach when the blood sugar levels are low.

Photo Credits: Pixabay