6 Ways of showing gratitude on a daily basis

Gratitude is a gesture that not just gives you peace but also makes someone else happy


Everyone lives a busy life, full of ups and downs. Amidst all the hassle and madness in life, it becomes easy to forget to be thankful for all the things that we have been given in life. Research and studies have shown that regularly keeping track on what you are thankful for and acting on the feeling of appreciation, makes you happier and also boosts your immune system to keep you healthy. Here are a few easy ways to show gratitude on an everyday basis.

1. Maintain a gratitude journal – You can begin with a collection of little grateful moments and experience all the goodness pilling up in your life.

2. Go verbal – We often depend on technology. Even while thanking your co-worker for their help and amazing skills. Next time you can skip texting and show gratitude by going verbal. This can really make the person’s day and also boost your mood that you made someone smile and made them feel special about themselves.

3. Keep yourself clean in private and public – We all tend to keep ourselves clean in private. But we can also do the same when in public. Like a small gesture of throwing a toffee wrapper in the dustbin instead of on the road or outside your car window when you are driving. These little gestures are also another way of showing gratitude.

4. Stop complaining for 24 hours – if you notice yourself closely, we often tend to begin complaining or become judgemental too soon instead of finding a solution. Next time you find yourself in a similar situation, try to get a solution.

5. Thank you card – This might be an old practice, but a hand written thank you card shows how you truly appreciate someone for what they have done for you.

6. Help your neighbors – A helping hand is always appreciated by anyone. Whenever you get a chance never hesitate to help your neighbor when in need.

Photo Credits: Pixabay