3 common situations working parents face – ways to deal with it

Working parents often face a situation when they realize that there is just one way out

working parents

Full time working mothers and fathers struggle between their professional and parenting responsibilities. However, parenting comes with double the responsibilities and family emergencies are always unpredictable and can turn up any time. Many parents who are working often face situations when they get confused over the priorities. Here are the most common problems that working parents face and their solutions.

1. Sick child and not able to go office – There are times when your child becomes sick and you don’t have an option than staying back home or leave the office when you get an emergency call from home. You might be disappointed and might feel if you were able to be omnipresent. Well you can. With the help of technology, you can still be available for office work from home. It can be through a video call or a conference call.

2. A family emergency just minutes before an important presentation – Only a working parent can understand what an emergency is. Under such situations it is important to be transparent with your officials and make it clear what situation you are facing. If you are not there at the office and are gone out , you can be available online. Let the office people know when you are accessible. If the office people do not hear from you, they might think that you are less engaged. Communication is essential under such circumstances.

3. You are going to miss your child’s play/concert/birthday – Such a situation makes a working parents very guilty. If you are in any way not able to make it, then you can help yourself not think the guilty way but can think in the way how you are a role model for your child. Try to be involved in some way with the event like being online, or a call to your child during the event or a relative sending you videos of the event.

Photo Credits: Pixabay