4 Home foods for weight loss post pregnancy

Post pregnancy weight has been an issue with many women and a few foods can help to reduce the extra fat gained

post pregnancy

Every new mother has the concern to lose the extra weight after pregnancy. The joy of becoming a mother comes with various challenges and one of them is to lose extra weight. This is also the time to nourish your body with proper nutrients. Here are a few foods that can help you to reduce the extra weight post pregnancy.

1. Green leafy veggies – Green veggies like spinach have a good content of iron, calcium and magnesium which is needs to be high during pregnancy and breast feeding. These veggies contain a lot of fibre that provide enough nutrients and also help in losing weight. These will also help women who suffer from constipation post pregnancy.

2. Pulses – Pulses are stuffed with proteins and when it is soaked before preparation it becomes a good source of iron. They also provide the much needed fibre. Pulses can be a little difficult to digest so make sure that they are soaked and sprouted 24 hours before cooking them.

3. Curd – Dairy products like curd and yogurt contain probiotics which is the good bacteria and helps the digestive system to digest food better. They also contain protein and calcium and are good when you are trying to lose that extra weight post pregnancy. Some of the issues like excessive gas, and constipation can be treated with the help of the good bacteria found in curd.

4. Spices and herbs – It is said that you are not supposed to eat spices when you are breast feeding. But that does not mean that you eat bland food. There are many benefits of including spices and herbs in diet post pregnancy. It raises metabolism, keeps sugar level stable, calms digestive system and helps to digest food properly. However, just make sure that you keep the quantity to be less than moderate.

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