4 benefits of shorter working hours

Short working hours can improve health and allows you to live longer

working hours

Nobody likes to have a long week. Moreover long working hours can put a great impact on your health and also your longevity especially when you overwork. But if the week becomes short or if you opt to take a break, there are a few benefits and can help to boost your longevity. Here are a few benefits of shorter working hours

1. It can help reduce your stress levels – A long week or long working hours can put the person at risk of psychosocial stress responses and depressive symptoms. In easier words, it can stress you out and is not good for the mental health. If you are working all day, you will have no chance to pay attention to your worries and taking your worries to bed will be the worst that you can do to your sleep.

2. You can catch more and better sleep – When you sleep the body enters in to the biological process and allows the hormones to be released and repair the cells. This makes sure that the body and brain function properly the next day. During sleep time, the brain clears out the metabolic waste products which is accumulated during wakefulness. Long working hours also affects performance and memory.

3. Can improve heart health – There is a 40% risk of coronary heart disease among the adults who work for long hours. Extending working hours means having less time to sleep. A human needs about seven to eight hours of sleep per day to get optimal health. If you do not get enough sleep it can lead to obesity and increased risk of diabetes, and also an increased risk of hypertension.

4. You can spend more time with loves ones – Reducing working hours can off-course give you ample time that you can spend with your loved ones. Engaging with your loved ones can help to battle loneliness and also helps in longevity. Having more time with your loved ones also gives you time to look after your health and overall fitness.

Photo Credits: Pixabay