6 doctor approved tips to stay away from flu

As the flu season approaches, here are a few tips to be followed to remain away from infections


The flu season is just round the corner and is time for people to gear up and take all the possible precautions. Public transportation and public places are the most vulnerable places where people can pick up the infection. This season, here are a few doctor approved tips which can be followed to be fit and away from flu.

1. Wear a scarf – The buses, trains and all kind of public transport are crowded with germs. Wearing a scarf helps to prevent inhaling the contagious germs. It is also advisable to wash your hands after you use a public transport.

2. Do not bite your nails – Your nails are a breeding place for germs. So the more you nibble the more you become vulnerable to flu as you also allow the germs to enter your body. It is advisable to wear gloves while at public places or the best is to keep cutting your nails.

3. Keep washing your hands – It is a great idea to keep washing your hands every now and then. You might be worried about your hands getting dried, but you can always have some body lotion or hand cream in your hand bag to treat your skin after every hand wash. Yiu can also carry a bottle of hand sanitizer.

4. Healthy food – Cold weather is the best time for flu to flourish. Make sure that you eat foods that help to boost the metabolism of the body. Opts for fresh fruits and veggies, at least five pieces a day for get ample vitamins and minerals.

5. Proper exercise – Doctors say that exercise helps the white blood cells in the body travel faster through the body and do their jobs better. 30 minutes of exercise everyday or at least three times a week is advisable.

6. Get some sleep – Experts advise to take a minimum of eight hours of sleep. Lack of sleep weakens the immune system.

Photo Credits: Pixabay