9 Symptoms to look for in case of type 2 diabetes

Here are a few symptoms that should not be ignored for type 2 diabetes


Type 2 diabetes is a condition where the body is not able to control the amount of glucose in the blood of a person which results in a rise in glucose levels. The causes can included a close family member might have the same condition and being overweight or obese can also put you to a risk of type 2 diabetes. Here are a few symptoms that you need to look for type 2 diabetes. You have to be wary of your eating patterns as well as toilet habits.

1. Feeling frequently hungry – Feeling hungry more often can be a sign of type 2 diabetes. You might also feel hungry shortly after eating.

2. Blurred vision – People with the condition of type 2 diabetes can experience blurred vision.

3. Frequent urination – You might notice if you are urinating more than normal and particularly at the night.

4. Feel abnormally thirsty – Such a condition is known as polydipsia and you might even feel thirsty even when your stomach is filled.

5. Itchiness on skin – A person with such a condition can feel itchiness particularly around the genitals.

6. Cuts and wounds heal slowly – If you notice that the cuts and wound that usually get healed in about two days, are taking longer than usual, then can be a sign of type 2 diabetes.

7. Yeast infections – If you have regular yeast infections then that can also be a sign of such a condition.

8. Weight loss – Such a condition can also lead to a sudden weight loss or loss of muscle mass.

9. Skin disorders – Some people might develop a few skin disorders like acanthosis nigricans or psoriasis.

Under all of the above conditions it is advisable to immediately consult a doctor or a diabetes expert. Ignorance of such symptoms can lead to health hazards as the condition of type 2 diabetes needs immediate attention to be treated.

Photo Credits: Pixabay