UK officials discourage on prescribing antibiotic for cough

A common problem like cough can be treated with some honey instead of antibiotics


Cough is a very common problem among people whose body immunity levels go down very soon. Not many are aware that such a problem can be treated with just a few simple and easy remedies. Official advise from the UK have said that people who suffer from cough must take honey and cough medicines before they go to a doctor. A condition like cough is caused by cold and flu viruses and also viral bronchitis and usually lasts for three weeks.

Moreover it does not necessarily need a trip to the doctor. The focus is on reducing the misuse of antibiotics, which are of no help in treating of viruses for most of the coughs. The new advise has come from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and Public health England of UK. A press release from NICE said, “If the cough is getting worse rather than better or the person feels very unwell or breathless then they would need to contact their GP”. However, suspected cases of pneumonia or coughs at any age must seek medical advice.

Dr. Susan Hopkins of PHE said, “Antibiotic resistance is a huge problem and we need to take action now to reduce antibiotic use. Taking antibiotics when you don’t need them puts you and your family at risk of developing infections which in turn cannot be easily treated.” Not many realize that the bacteria causing the problem develops a resistance to antibiotics. This also means that the diseases that could once be treated with antibiotics no longer are.

One needs to take care that antibiotics must be taken or prescribed only when required. The advise to not to use antibiotics is wise and is in line with the older advise to doctors who must resist prescribing antibiotics when they are not needed. It must also be noted that honey must be given to people who are older than a year.

Photo Credits: Pixabay