5 Potentially bad habits that are in fact good for health

There are many habits which are universally termed as bad habits, but not many know that they are actually good for health


Everyone enjoys having a binge, or having a high calorie food once in a while. Many of these habits are known to be potentially bad for the health, but the fact is that such  bad habits are actually good for health. So instead of having a guilt, you can take a look at the below points and relax.

1. Indulging in caffeine – Some of the recent research had said claimed that having coffee included risk of cancer and that Starbucks and other coffee businesses were asked to include cancer warnings. The fact is that caffeine intake is recommended in limit and can have health benefits like protection from diabetes and improving heart health.

2. Giving a miss to breakfast – Yes, skipping breakfast can be healthy. It was once believed that skipping breakfast can increase weight but it was found that occasionally skipping breakfast or meals can help to lose weight.

3. Usage of social media – Many people these days are obsessed with social media and cannot keep themselves away from it. It has also been termed as universally bad for health. But a recent research has mentioned that social media helps people to feel more connected and it also helps to get emotional support from peers.

4. Taking a nap – Many people believe that taking a nap is a wastage of time and can affect your performance. But the fact is that taking a short nap improves the energy levels and makes you more efficient to perform at work with double the energy.

5. Eating eggs – Eggs are known as a product high in cholesterol, fats as well as protein. However, that does not mean that eating eggs leads to high levels of cholesterol in the body. Eggs contains some key vitamins essential for the body and eating them does not translate in to fat or having high cholesterol.

Photo Credits: Pixabay