5 Things Meghan Markle cannot do as a royal

There are a few things that Meghan Markle cannot do as the Duchess of Sussex

Meghan Markle

Hollywood actress Meghan Markle got married to the younger son of Prince Charles, Prince Harry at a royal wedding held at the Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018. Now that the actress has become a member of the royal family, the Hollywood actress will have to give up a few things. Here is the list of things Meghan cannot do anymore as the member of the royal family.

1. No more bare legs – The royal rule says that a royal will never be seen without their nude stockings. This is one of the rules which go by the Queen’s orders.

2. No more autographing – Meghan might have signed several autographs so far, but the Royals are prohibited to sign autographs due to the risk of signature forgery. However, Meghan has learnt to do that already as in January 2018, when a ten year old fan asked for an autograph the actress just wrote ‘Hi Katylyn’.

3. No acting in films or TV – When a person marries to the royal family, their careers do not come with them. Even Grace Kelly, who was an actor before getting married to Prince Rainier III of Monaco, left her Hollywood career post wedding.

4. No more solo travelling – The Duchess of Sussex cannot travel solo anymore. Meghan has been issued a protection officers in the wake of her engagement with Prince Harry. Not many are aware that a royal tour takes about six months to plan and their site visits are hardly 40 minutes long.

5. Changed Bed time – It is considered rude to go to bed before the Queen does. But Princess Diana had got so sick of the circumstances that she used to excuse herself and go to bed, despite the fact that it is considered as a bad norm. But if Meghan Markle wishes to be in the Queen’s good books, she should not follow Diana’s footsteps.

Photo Credits: Harpers Bazaar