4 dieting mistakes resulting in no weight loss

Are you failing repeatedly despite maintaining a strict diet plan? These might be the mistakes that you are committing while dieting


There might have been times when we tried to mend the diet plenty of times to reduce weight but failed every time with the results. Not many are aware of the proper ways of making changes in diet. Here are a few mistakes that people commit while dieting to lose weight.

1. Bland food – Dieting does not mean that you punish your taste buds. You are free to add some seasoning to the food instead of having it just bland. You can treat yourself with fresh food with full of flavours instead of having a prison diet which is all dry or steamed. You not just need to cut on the processed foods but you also need to add some seasoning to make it taste good.

2. Proper technique to cook food – There are many people who do not know the basics of the pantry. It is essential that you have adequate information about the nutrition or lack of cooking knowledge could be the cause of not losing weight.

3. Balanced diet – Dieting to lose weight does not mean that you need to cut on processed food and carbs. For instance vegetables must be a part of the meal in themselves and this also applies to chicken breasts or oats. While having a meal, you must include proteins, fats, carbs and veggies all in moderation which is known as balance.

4. Quantity – This is similar to balanced diet which means that you need to intake proper quantity of food. When you are dieting, it does not mean that you can have a bowl full of veggies as a meal, it does not make any sense. Similarly, there are some people who have two egg whites and a few sticks of carrots for a meal. You also need to feel full after a meal. Including fibre in meals can help you to eat healthy and make you feel full.

Photo Credits: Pixabay