5 Mistakes that we make while applying sunscreens

Mistakes that most of the adults make while applying sunscreens


Most of us purchase fancy and expensive sunscreen lotions but fail to make the right use of it. Sunscreens provide protection from darkening of the skin and also protects it from the harmful UV rays from the sun which can lead to dangerous skin diseases. Here are a few mistakes that sunscreen users do and how they can be rectified.

1. Proper timing to apply – Many sunscreen users apply first thing in the morning. But the fact is that the sunscreen should be applied at least half an hour before exposure to the sun. If it is not done, then the skin remains vulnerable to the UV exposure for a number of hours. An exposure to sun can lead to 50% of sun damage during a lifetime.

2. Missing important areas – Sunscreen users often do not provide maximum protection and miss out a few important areas. For instance, the delicate area under the eyes is a place the skin is thinner and is the more vulnerable to sun exposure. The main reason to age faster is the skin around the eyes are not protected enough.

3. Quantity – Many users do not realize that they are applying inadequate amount of sunscreen to the body. Typically, we must apply 2mg per cm2 which is about a tablespoon of the lotion for the entire body.

4. Repetition – If you are exposed to the sun for more than two hours then you need to repeat the application. The effectiveness of the sunscreens finishes in two to three hours and makes your skin vulnerable again.

5. Absence of sunlight – Even if the sun is not shining in the day time, the UV rays are still there. This means that you need to protect the skin all year around and throughout during the day.Even if there are clouds, the sun remains at the backdrop and the UV rays continue to damage the skin.

Photo Credits: Pixabay