4 ways to continue learning despite busy schedule

There are various ways you can still continue to learn and follow your passion despite having a busy schedule

busy schedule

Not everyone gets to follow their passion once they get enrolled in a career. It becomes tough to keep in touch with hobbies as you have to get in time to the office in the morning and then get back and give ample time to family. There are still ways you can continue to learn and follow your hobbies and passion despite a busy schedule. Here are a few ways you can continue learning without the need to compromise on your everyday busy schedule.

1. Audio books – While you might not have time to read a book, the technology is here to rescue. There are numerous audio books that can be heard when you commute, while gyming or at a listening friendly point. There are endless subjects available and many of them are free to be accessed. All you need is your head phones and a mobile phone.

2. YouTube knowledge – There are endless people, who share their knowledge on YouTube on various genres of your interest. Number of people share their expertise and experience for free and you can get to learn many hard skills right at the convenience of your home or while you are travelling.

3. Education through employers – Employers who are rich, offer employees education of something related to the job in some way. This is usually offered on an annual basis, but most of the employees do not make use of it. You can make use of it for brushing some of your skills and bring them to use in various ways.

4. A mentor – Get in touch to a mentor who has the best knowledge of your interest. You can get in touch to your mentor anytime for some advise. A mentor is the best person you can extract maximum from. Some of the workplaces also offer mentor programmes which are based on career track and many other such factors.

Photo Credits: Pixabay