Michael Jackson inspired Halloween in a special animated show for kids


How about combining the Pop king with one of the most enjoyable and wild festival of the year – Halloween? Friday, October 27, 2017 will showcase Halloween animated special airing at 8 p.m. on CBS.

Houston Chronicle quoted one of the executive producers of the special show, John Branca saying, “This is just for fun,” while speaking about the reason behind the show.

A haunted mansion, two teens and their adventurous journey on the Halloween night with spooky music is what sums up animated show. Branca had further added to the interview that since Jackson loved Halloween and animation and “Michael deserves to be part of Halloween.”

Jackson’s music has been reportedly used in the series to help people in decision-making. Mark A.Z. Dippe also said that the team wanted to tell a story that brought to life all that Jackson’s life and songs meant to people across the world.

Michael Jackson

Branca further said that people should keep the volume up and enjoy the show where the teens, Vincent and Victoria are accompanied by a dog when they go to an eerie-looking house at 777 Jackson Street where the house pieces together Jackson as a bat, eyes inside the mansion and even the Man in the Moon.

Both Vincent and Victoria do not have people supporting them in their aspirations and it is at the house where the teens meet and unravel mysteries together, however, some reports do not appreciate this feat by CBS as it turns a children holiday special into something creepy with Jackson’s involvement in it.

Photo Credits: YouTube