It’s raining food at Richmond Restaurant Week now

Richmond Restaurant Week

The popular Richmond Restaurant Week (RRW) has come yet again and for the last time this year, it has already started from October 23, 2017 and either a new or an existing restaurant can be explored. The food festival is organized each year to raise funds for eliminating hunger.

At an affordable cost of 29.17 dollars per meal, three-course dinners are offered for every dish chosen. All the restaurants reportedly donate more than four dollars per meal to FeedMore, an organization that supports a couple of food businesses in the city that feed hungry families in central Virginia. The report also suggested that close to six lakh dollars have been collected so far by the restaurants in the past 16 years since the event first began.

Over 30 local restaurants are a part of this year’s Richmond Restaurant Week event and reservations are needed to be made early for being a part of this festival and bonding with Richmonders over great meals.

Also, there are Drink Richmond Tours that conduct tours daily and reportedly “cover all different aspects of craft alcohol.”

Richmond Restaurant Week

The event takes place twice a year, once during spring and the other during fall. This year, the first RRW took place from April 24 to April 30, 2017 and now again the event calls upon all foodies to enjoy the different delicious meals from their favorite restaurants and try new dishes and at the same time contributing for a good cause.

There are further reports that suggest restaurants and lounges in Richmond are planning on having scientific fiction themes with bars, video gaming, graphic novels and much more in their spaces.

The Food Week has also begun in Richmond where locally grown produce will be available at reasonable rates that are also healthy and culturally delightful. For those wanting to learn preparing home-cooked meals, the Richmond Food Week is an apt solution that slso offers a chance at accessing healthy food at affordable costs. While schools will organize garden parties, the place will also hold film screenings, bee keeping sessions for learners, food proclamation at City Council and happy hours at discounted values.

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