Highest-horror-grosser of 2017, It to have a sequel in September 2019


It shattered all box-office records and became the highest-grossing horror flick of all times and has gained the biggest opening at box office for a horror movie and for a film based on a book in an overwhelming September release, surpassing even 441.3 million dollars total collection worldwide of The Exorcist and has another greater news to share with all horror movie fans. It’s sequel will reportedly hit the theatres almost about two years from now on September 6, 2019.

Stephen King, the master of horror books is the one behind It too and the film adaptation of his book has clearly managed to petrify its audience. The movie was released earlier this month and has raised almost 480 million dollars worldwide so far, with 266.1 million dollars earnings in America alone, as far as reports suggest.

Warner Brothers and New Line Cinema’s announcement to launch It’s sequel comes in the wake of and especially because of the huge success of the film, both with box office figures and positive reviews from critics.

While King’s book deals with how a group of friends (called The Losers Club in the movie) deal with the ghost in their town as kids and then as adults, It, the movie focused on the past, that is, the kids way of dealing with the monster (The Clown). The sequel will predominantly structure itself around the adults, 27 years later, with flashbacks featuring the same kids so that the audience are better able to relate to the film, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

It’s actors included Jaeden Lieberher, Sophia Lillis, Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer, Nicholas Hamilton, Wyatt Oleff, Jackson Robert Scott, Jeremy Ray Taylor and Finn Wolfhard from the famed Netflix original series, Stranger Things as well as Bill Skarsgard as the Clown, Pennywise. The Hollywood Reporter further claimed that the screenplay writer for the sequel shall remain the same – Gary Dauberman. The actors who will play as adults are yet to be finalized and it will be interesting to know about the star cast for the sequel, given that even director Andrés Muschietti has not confirmed if he will helm the sequel as well or not.


Warner Bros. has also announced yesterday that Teen Titans Go, the animated version of the film will see its release on July 27 2018 instead of the previous release date of July 1 next year.

Meanwhile, It’s sequel is expected to be a blockbuster hit just like the first one, since it borders on the same story line and will feature King’s book adaptation. However, if it will closely follow It’s box-office records or go past that, only time will tell. The thrill among Stephen King’s and the film’s fans has already begun with the announcement.

Photo Credits: Shutterstock.com and Instagram