Taylor Swift debuts official video for Look What You Made Me Do – Watch

Taylor Swift Look What You Made Me Do

What is going on with Taylor Swift? After a year of silence, she’s finally made a comeback, and is calling out the haters like it’s tea time. Gone are her days of Shake It Off, with her new, darker persona in her latest release, Look What You Made Me Do. Swift dropped the single, the first from her upcoming album, Reputation last Thursday. She debuted the official video at Sunday’s 2017 MTV VMAs and jaws dropped to the floor.

The beginning of the video shows a graveyard with a tombstone that reads: “Here lies Taylor Swift’s reputation”. A ghastly-looking, undead Swift emerges from the ground, segwaying into the singer indulging in a bathtub with $1 notes, signifying the lawsuit she won against the former DJ who groped her in 2013.

Next, she’s surrounded by snakes, definitely throwing up last year’s controversy when Kim Kardashian outed her for a private conversation she had with Kanye West over controversial lyrics about her in his song, Famous.

Next, we see Taylor Swift standing on a cross lit with T and her old personas from previous videos scrambling for air. She’s killing all of them off, as you can see and is promising to be more bold than she has ever been.

The video ends with her mocking the incident at the MTV VMAs where she was accepting her award and was rudely interrupted by Kanye West. Then she is called a “b*tch” by one of her personas, “fake” by another and “victim” by another, all indicating the hate she has borne on her slender shoulders since the beginning of her career.

Though it is a bold attempt by Swift to redeem herself, it comes across more like a high school girl trying to be bad-ass, but doesn’t impress or scare anyone. In any case, this is just the first single from Reputation that drops on November 10, so we need to wait and see what more bitterness she has in store. We’re just here for the tea, y’all.

Watch Taylor Swift’s video for Look What You Made Me Do 

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