Twitter Elite now get their own dating app – Loveflutter Blue

Loveflutter Blue
Loveflutter Blue, verified Twitter users' dating app

Once dubbed the ‘quirky Tinder’, Loveflutter is rolling out a new version of it’s dating app termed Loveflutter Blue – exclusively for verified Twitter users. The app is currently free and can be accessed by simply downloading from the Playstore or Apple Store – but Loveflutter’s premium level, Loveflutter Blue will be accessible only to those select Twitter Elite who have a blue tick against their accounts.

Just like Tinder used your Facebook activities to find matches, Loveflutter Blue analyzes your Tweets and Twitter feed to find suitable matches. The dating app functions just like Tinder, allowing users to swipe and hook up! But while many have deemed this app elitist, creators of the app have taken a different approach to promote the app as a safe dating alternative. They claim it to be safe as it allows only verified Twitter accounts to access it, ruling out the possibility of fake identity or phishing.


Loveflutter Blue dating app for Twitter
Through the Twitter Loveflutter Blue dating app, users only with verified accounts can find suitable matches | photo credits – Shutterstock

Currently, Loveflutter Blue has been rolled out in major cities including New York, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo. However, the app will go live in each city only once it have over 1,000 local members – so it may be a while before it is actually available!

According to TechCrunch, Twitter has approximately over 300 million users, out of which only 150,000 have verified accounts. But Twitter reveals that not all verified accounts are celebrity accounts. Most of them belong to media persons and prominent business people from around the world.

So if there’s anyone looking to secretly date a celebrity, here’s your chance! But first, get your account verified – which should not be difficult if you have the right amount of followers.

Featured photo credits – Loveflutter