6 Best music apps for your Xbox One

Crank up the volume with 6 of our favorite music apps for the Xbox One!

Xbox One
Xbox One

Xbox has been frequently updated to improve user experience since its launch in 2013. One of the biggest updates was allowing background music to play even after exiting the music app. Today, there are a variety of music apps which allow gamers to listen to music as they play games. All that users need to do is to open the app and start playing the tunes that they want to hear and then navigate to the home page and choose the games that they want. To change the music, one can double tap the home button. It will redirect you to the music app.

Here are the 6 best apps that support background music on the Xbox One –

1. Soundcloud

Sound cloud is an app designed for both established and upcoming artists. It blends streaming service and social network allowing users to easily upload their music and share across the globe. It as tools to discover and interact with other artists on a personal level. Soundcloud allows you to filter for specific artists and music. It supports background music for Xbox, allowing you to listen to music as you play.

2. Groove Music

To use it on Xbox one, you need to download its latest version. It allows you to download and to listen to a variety of songs. In addition, you can add your tracks to OneDrive and listen to your songs.

Download Groove Music from the Windows Store

3. Pandora

Pandora offers music to millions of fans from thousands of music. Its latest version supports background music. The good thing about it is that it is free. However, its use is limited to United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

Download Pandora from the Windows Store

4. Spoticast

Spoticast is a third party application that brings spotify to your Xbox one. It relies on YouTube to stream music and allows you to access your spotify playlist. The app also supports background music while you are doing other things.

Download Spoticast from the Windows Store

5. MyTube!

This is another third-party application that gives you access to YouTube videos. After buying it for $0.99 YouTube content will be delivered to you in an easy to use interface. It also allows playing the music background after exiting the app.

Download MyTube! from the Windows Store

6. MoodFlow

As the name suggests, the app plays music according to your moods. It is a nice app for discovering new artists and music. However, you will need to pay $1.99 daily to unlock unlimited skips.

Download Moodflow from the Windows Store

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