Burger King’s Lucky Charm Shake – Here’s what the hype’s all about!

Lucky Charm Shake
Photo credits - Burger King

Drinks get more fun and unusual every day. So, after the unicorn-themed craziness, you won’t be too surprised to discover the latest drink that will pamper your taste buds.

If you love Lucky Charm marshmallows and Burger King, you’ll be delighted to try the new BK milkshake, which brings the best of two worlds. It features vanilla ice cream and a colorful layer of Lucky Charm marshmallows. A matching cereal-flavored syrup completes the drink to make it nicer and sweeter.

Sounds good? Then make sure to get it while it’s still available at it will be around for a limited time.

The Lucky Charm shake offered by Burger King is definitely one that will most likely become the next cool thing all over social media. It’s not the first collaboration of this kind as we still have the Froot Loops shake and Ben & Jerry’s Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops and Cocoa Pebbles flavors. But it can still play the nostalgia card and remind you of childhood.

This yummy guilty pleasure has an affordable price and a generous amount of calories. It won’t drain your budget as it comes for only $2.99. Yet it contains 740 calories, 107 grams of sugar and 129 grams of carbs so it might not be wise to over-indulge.

People love Burger King’s soft vanilla ice cream. So what better way to take it to a whole new level than to inject some delicious cereals that make the taste buds go wild?

From a business point of view, this sounds like a hit as well. The shakes are included in a partnership that Burger King is proud about. The president is sure that the guests will love the new mashup between some of America’s classic delights.

Burger King’s Lucky Charm shake makes both guests and companies excited about it. It’s the new food trend in town.

The Lucky Charms Shake. Lucky you.

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Photo credits – Burger King