Top 12 Health gadgets of 2017 which can help you become fitter and healthier

Health tech gadgets of 2017

Innovations in the field of fitness and health in recent years have led people to become more health conscious. Health tech such as smartwatches have allowed users to have a better understanding of what is going on in their body. This has raised health consciousness overall and people are constantly on the look out for innovative technologies which can help them lead healthier lives.

Health gadgets have flooded the market and it’s not easy to pick the one that works for you. So here’s our list of top 12 health gadgets of 2017 to help you stay fit –

Omron Evolv – Blood Pressure Monitoring


Price – Available for £129 (UK) and $89 (US)

This is a wireless blood pressure monitor that is easy to use and light to carry around. This gadget allows you to measure, record and share blood pressure data. You can share this information with your family members or your doctor through the Omron Connect App. This device uses Advanced Accuracy, a heart health algorithm that gives the device more accuracy. Omron Evolv is compatible with devices running on Android and iOS.

QardioBase – Weight Loss


Price – Available for £129.22 (UK) and $129.99 (US)

This gadget is not your typical smart scale. It checks your weight, heart rate, body fat, water percentage, muscle mass and bone mass and records it; QardioBase even distinguishes your measurements from someone else’s for future comparisons and sharing. You can get the Qardio App for Kindle, Android and iOS free to share data and set goals.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach – Cleaner Air

netatmo (1)

Price – Available for £89.99 (UK) and $99.99 (US)

Living and working in a big city means breathing in polluted air but not at your home thanks to this health tech. Netatmo Health Home Coach checks air, humidity, temperature and noise levels of your home and gives suggestions on how to make your environment healthier. You can check several rooms by connecting multiple health home coaches though your smartphone.

Philips Avance centrifugal Juicer – Improved Digestion


Price – Available for £177.45 (UK) and $299.99 (US)

Fiber is a nutrient with many health benefits such as fighting heart diseases, cancers, diabetes, weight gain and improves digestion. Sadly, most people don’t meet their recommended daily intake of fiber and this is where this juicer comes in. Its FiberBoost technology allows users to pick their preferred juice texture with a push of a button to get 50% more fiber.

AliveCor Kardia Band – Healthier Heart


Price – Available for £199 (UK)

This strap works seamlessly with your Apple Watch and due to its electrocardiogram (EKG) tech, it picks up shortness of breath, palpitations and other heart attack and stroke symptoms.

Withings Thermo – Measuring Fever


Price – Available for £89.95 (UK) and $99.95 (US)

This “connected thermometer” is fitted with 16 infrared sensors that can take over 4,000 measurements with high accuracy levels. Use your Withings logins to access the app and keep tabs on your temperature.

Firefly – Injury Recovery


Price – Available for £27 (UK) and $35 (US)

This wearable is attached behind the knee to deliver painless electrical impulses to activate the lower leg muscles for increased blood circulation. It improves recovery time of minor injuries and muscle soreness after exercise. It is used by athletes such as Vicky Holland, a British Olympic Triathlete.

Dring Smart Cane – Walking Aid


Price – Will be available from September 2017

The SmartCane is one of the top health gadgets of 2017. Originally designed by Fayet, a walking stick company, it has now been upgraded by Dring Tech, a smart alert system. It will have an accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS to detect falls and send automatic alerts with the user’s location for help.

Ava – Fertility Monitoring


Price – Available for £199 (UK) and $250 (US)

This fertility monitoring bracelet is bringing innovation to women’s health. This bracelet allows women to plan their monthly cycle better by detecting the fertility window in real-time.

ResMed S+ – Better Sleeping


Price – Available for $50 (US) and £129.95 (UK)

This is the first fully comprehensive and non-contact sleep tracking system that has the Patent Protected SleepSensor tech that tracks, analyzes and improves sleep without the help of mattress strips, electrodes and wearables.

Just set it on your bedside and its ground breaking calibrated respiratory and bio-motion sensors will record movements, chest relaxations and position changes to measure and analyze sleep stages.

This health tech gadget connects to a free Android and iOS app to record your sleep quality. It also has a smart alarm system that will wake you up naturally when you’re in light sleep to wake up feeling more refreshed.

Huel Complete Food – Better Nutrition


Price – Available for £45 (UK) for twenty-eight meals

This is not a health gadget but plenty on technology was used to make Heul a “thing”. Huel is real food that is in powder form. Just dissolve it in water and enjoy its 26 essential nutrients needed for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Smart Scarf – Cleaner Lungs


Smart scarf combines tech and textile to make the first anti-pollution scarf. Called Wair, it is a fashionable scarf that keeps your lungs clean and is ideal for cyclists or people living in cities where air pollution is a concern. It also connects to an app to give users air quality updates. Smart Scarf is not available in the markets yet.