Bitcoins could realistically be worth $500,000 by 2030 – Have you invested yet?


The value of Bitcoin has been rising very fast in recent years. Regarded as the currency of the age of new technology, Bitcoins have grown to maturity from its initial use in the Dark Web where it facilitated dodgy dealings. Investment in Bitcoins is today’s one of the most lucrative investments on the internet creating millionaires every day.

June 20017 news concerning the Bitcoin value indicated that $100 (£78 ) worth of 0.003 percent price of Bitcoins in the year 2010 would today fetch a surprising price that can amount to a 72.9 million US dollars equivalent to 56.9 million sterling pounds in the market.

It is being predicted that value of Bitcoins will see a big jump in the next ten years or so. According to a recent report by CNBC, the indicated Bitcoin value in the next decade will mark a 3,483 percentage rise to an unimaginable $1 million (£78,000) from $2,200 (£1717) per Bitcoin.

The prediction of the meteoric increase in the price of the cryptocurrency comes from a credible source that carried an in-depth market analysis of the Bitcoin value which made a precise prediction of the current market price. A rough calculation made by Kay Van-Petersen on behalf of the ‘Outrageous Prediction,’ an annual report by Saxo Bank estimated the bitcoin value to rise to $2,000 (£1,560) by 2017; a price attained on June 2017.

The provided future predicted Bitcoin value is only an estimate according to van-Petersen. Considering the more than 5,000 percent rise in the Bitcoin value in 2013 the prediction can be but a ‘conservative’ number.

On a phone interview with CNBC, Van-Petersen assured the performance of the cryptocurrency is not a fad. Even with competition from other currencies in the online platform, Bitcoin will have a competitive advantage as the pioneer in the market according to respected Bitcoin value analyst. It’s time to invest or wait to regret not investing in Bitcoins