Hank William Jr. is returning to Monday Night Football on ESPN for NFL 2017!

Hank Williams Jr on Monday Night Football!
Hank Williams Jr is coming back on Monday Night Football!

Hank Williams Jr is coming back to ESPN’s Monday Night Football! Yes you read that right. We all thought he was done and dusted with ESPN after the controversial remarks that he made about President Obama six years ago.

“I never said, ‘Are you ready for some football’ on stage one time the last five or six years, but I will now,” said the Hank Williams Jr.

The Veteran country rocker was a regular opener for Monday Night Football with his anthem “All my Rowdy Friends”. But he messed up back in 2011 in a special appearance on Fox & Friends. Williams could not hold himself back and went on a rant after watching President Obama play golf with then house speaker John Boehner.

We won’t post what he said here but the statement included golf, Hitler and Netanyahu; you can look it up if you don’t have a clue what we’re talking about. He was axed soon after those heinous remarks but ESPN have decided to bring him back to Monday Night Football, and why not, it’s Trump’s America. Hank Williams Jr. will be back for NFL 2017 and he will sing on TV every single week.

This is quite a turnaround on ESPNs part who through a press release expressed their disappointment with the country artist after he made the comments. But now, ESPN through Stephanie Druley, the senior vice president have welcomed Williams back with open arms stating that the Monday Night Football opener was an iconic song for football and it’s a return to the past, to what the fans know.

Druley also said that ESPN is not concerned about any backlash over bringing Mr. Williams back. Why would ESPN be concerned about a backlash? It’s not like he didn’t apologize; well, he didn’t and he actually foul-mouthed President Obama again on a concert in 2012.

Many people are wondering why ESPN are bringing this guy back to Monday Night Football but you can expect to see him on Sept. 11 right before the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings game.

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