Gordon Ramsay Dishes On What To Order At Restaurants

Gordon Ramsay

If there is one man who knows the inside details on dining at restaurants, it’s none other than Gordon Ramsay. The Michelin star chef and host to a number of hit reality cooking shows always knows what’s up. At least when it comes to food. He owns his own restaurants all around the world, and has cooked many a wonder dishes for a host of celebs. Not only is he hardworking, but he even encourages his junior chefs to whip it up in the kitchen.

So, when Gordon Ramsay gives you advice about dining in restaurants, you better take it.

On specials

Many restaurants have a separate menu called their “specials”. While we want to dive for the delicious sounding treats, the Masterchef judge is completely against it. “Specials are there to disappear throughout the evening. When they list 10 specials, that’s not special.”

On booking tables

Many of us book tables in advance to make sure to catch our spot upon arrival. And another obvious thing to do is say exactly how many guests are expected. But the Hell’s Kitchen host has a smart trick up his chef’s sleeves. He says that if two people are dining, mention three. That way, the restaurant will give you a larger table, and you won’t end up “getting stuck in the corner like a doorstop”. His words exactly.

On picking wine

Dining guests are usually a little hazy when it comes to picking wine, especially at a fine-dine restaurant. But the Hotel Hell reality star gives great advice. “We have a fear about talking to sommeliers because you think you’re going to be ripped off. So get the sommelier to come up with a great glass or great bottle and give him a price. And make sure it’s under $30.”

On choosing favorites

Many restaurants call some of their dishes “famous” or “favorites”. But the Kitchen Nightmares star has been privy to a number of bogus restaurant claims. He says, “When they turn around and tell me it is the ‘famous red lasagne’, who made it famous? They start coming up with these terminologies, saying, ‘and the wicked, famous, best in the country profiteroles’. Who said that? Who named that?”

Image Credit: Facebook