What Habits You Need To Start Forming In Your 20s To Cruise Into Your 30s

Happy people 20s

If you thought being a teenager was tough, then your 20s should welcome you with a box of tissues and a glass of wine, just a case. Adulting is hard, no matter how prepared you think you are. Responsibilities fall on your shoulders, your metabolism slows down to a snail’s pace, and hangovers are harsher than ever. But your 20s also prepare you for your entire life ahead. They go by in a flash, and one day you wake up, 30 and afraid.

One of the best ways you can make sure that you manage your 30s and beyond without a hitch, is by preparing yourself well, while still in your 20s. And there is also something great about good habits – once you practice them, you find that you are able to stick to them without much trouble. So start involving these habits while you’re still in your 20s, to make it well into your 30s without a hiccup.

Quit smoking

When you first got into the habit of smoking, it seemed like a cool thing to do. Over time, it became annoying and then it turned into something that you just did, mostly because you’re now used to it. But kicking the butt will help you in many ways. Continuous smoking leads to poorer health in the long run. Also, you age faster.

Sleeping routine

Late nights and hasty mornings are the routine of those in their 20s. But over time, you need to get your beauty sleep, even if it comes at a cost like losing out on socializing. Your body is a machine and works well on a routine, that involves sufficient amounts of rest in between a hectic lifestyle.

Start exercising

Fitness is key to longevity. Though in your 20s you feel quite healthy and in no need of working out, your body needs to prepare itself for the long haul. There is no short list to completely describe the benefits of exercise. And depending on the workout routine you choose, your body will get fitter and healthier.

Save money

Splurging is meant for those who really don’t understand responsibilities. If you find yourself in your 30s without any savings to show off, you’re in big trouble. It doesn’t even matter how much you save, just that you have that little extra in the bank. And better yet, hire a financial advisor who can help you with a good savings plan that will be there for you when you retire.

Pursue your dreams

When you’re fresh out of college and in desperate need of employment, you end up going for the first vacancy you come across. But since you’re going to be having a career for technically the rest of your life, you might as well start pursuing what your passion really is. Someone wise once said that if you’re doing what you love, you won’t work a day in your life.

Know yourself

Most of us spend most of our time trying to appease others. Whether it is someone you think you love, or your co-workers, you take it personally if someone doesn’t like you. Hell, most of us don’t even know ourselves! So what do you do? Make sure that you do not go into your 30s still insecure and unsure about who you are.


Your 20s are the best time to forgive yourself and others as well. You do not want to carry the baggage of your past into your future. Whatever hang ups and hatred you might have for anyone, leave it behind. Make peace with your past and yourself, and move on. There is no mistake that you made that can be undone anyway.