Avoid These Traits If You Want To Become The Next Bill Gates

Successful person traits

How come only some people end up becoming so successful, and yet the remaining just stay in the same rut? Does it have anything to do with luck? Successful people will tell you that there is no such thing as luck, only hard work. But according to a number of behavioural scientists, your personality has a lot to do with the way your life turns out.

If you want to become the cream of the crop, you gotta act like the cream of the crop. And the way to do that is to avoid these traits at any and all costs.


There are some people who will never take the blame. Sure, sometimes bad things happen to good people. But that doesn’t mean that you just take all the crap and do nothing about it. Those who are the perpetual victims will be stuck in their own pity party and won’t be shutting it down anytime soon.


There are some people who always have something negative to say. As soon as you meet them to the time the meeting is over, they will only weigh the cons without acknowledging the pros. And the worst part is that they don’t want to improve or take suggestions or advice. They just want to complain and it becomes a never-ending cycle of negativity.


Do you know that a conversation is supposed to be a two-way street? There will be those who end up taking most of the time talking about themselves. They have no concern for what you have to say, or that your ears have had enough. It’s only about them, and what they are doing or going through.

Party animal

All of us have that one friend who constantly likes to party. True, after a hard day at work, you want to kick it back and chill. But such people are toxic, because they never seem to grow up or take things seriously. They have no responsibilities, except those that they feel they are forced to have, and won’t be going anywhere real far in life.