Possible Signs Of Depression – Do You Or Anyone You Know Suffer From It?


An alarming rate of people quietly suffer from depression. Because it is not as outwardly recognizable as a number of other mental illnesses, depression is ignored. But, it is a serious issue that can cause your daily life to suffer. And who likes to have their mind in knots, when you can recognize the symptoms, work on it and move on in life?

There are different forms of depression. One of the most common signs is that the person works more and pushes themselves, thus hiding the inner truth. Another common sign is if a person takes to addictive behaviors as a way to avoid the pain they are going through. Thank God we live in an age where mental illnesses are not looked down upon. If you can recognize the following symptoms in yourself or in someone you know, treat whoever it is with care and look for a solution. You don’t have to suffer from it anymore – you can be freed!

Anti-social behavior

It is not normal for a person to stay behind closed doors and curtains for a long period of time. Sure, everyone needs a little downtime to themselves, but if the person suffering from depression avoids society for an extended period of time, including phone calls and going out and mingling socially, they might be suffering from depression.

Sleeping a lot

The maximum amount of time a person should sleep is 8-9 hours, coupled with a short nap. People who are going through depression tend to sleep through life. This is because they are avoiding facing it as it is. In fact, they will sleep a lot during the day, and find themselves awake and over-thinking at night. Troubling sleep cycles could be another tell-tale symptom.


Depressed people have no excitement for life. Whether it is mundane, every day tasks, or even a moderate achievement, they couldn’t bother about it. It’s like they’ve lost all hope and do not show signs of life – mentally. If it troubles you to open your eyes in the morning or be happy for something positive happening around, it could be a serious case of the blues.

Loss of appetite

Who in the right mind avoids food? Well, depressed people. They may pick at what’s in front of them or be forced to eat a meal, but they’re really not into it. On the flip side, some depressed people end up eating more as a way to bury their emotions. Either way, avoiding or over-indulging in food in not good, because it tends to mess not only with your physical health, but mental one as well.

Fall sick often

Do you have an employee who is calling in sick a lot? Maybe you’re that employee. It’s not because of a hangover, but because you are mentally pushing yourself into a dark corner. The body is not made for sickness, so if you or someone you know keeps going under the weather for no plausible reason at all, it could be a sign of depression.

Here are other possible signs of depression –

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

*If you feel that you or a loved one is depressed, always seek the guidance and counsel of a certified medical expert. Do not self-diagnose or medicate without proper medical supervision.